Grace A. Dow Memorial Library


Grace A. Dow Memorial Library has served its community for over fifty years receiving various remodeling and expansion efforts over that time. While honoring the design of the library's original Architect, Alden B. Dow, WTA Architects assisted with the restoration of this 1954 Mid-Century Modern library. Architectural improvements included a fresh new lobby design intended to create a clean and inviting space while allowing interaction with the library.

Great care was taken in the restoration of existing wood, stone and masonry finishes throughout the library, as well as adding a revived color scheme that includes new carpet, counters, furniture, signage and paint. Over 27,000 pounds of carpet were recycled through a sustainable reclamation program and other materials reused, including wood, masonry, furnishings and other finishes. Toilet rooms were modernized and expanded to include high efficiency fixtures, acoustical issues were addressed and energy efficient LED lighting was added. Finally, exterior windows and doors were replaced with units that reflected the original design and improved thermal comfort and efficiency.

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