Sanilac County Medical Care Facility


Our firm designed the original Sanilac County Medical Care Facility and adjacent hospital in 1968. Subsequent designs to the facility over the years have included upgrades and renovations as well as a mental health clinic. At the onset of the community's need for Alzheimer's patient care, the firm was responsible for a 19 bed Alzheimer’s unit. The wing used for the unit encompassed an existing county health department.

A design to add 20 beds to the Sanilac County Medical Care Facility has been completed and is under construction. The project includes renovation of the existing wing previously used by the Sanilac County Mental Health Department and two additions that provide 15,200 sq. ft. of space. The expansion provides 20 new private resident rooms each with a private lavatory, toilet and shower. A kitchen/dining room is provided in the unit with nearly 2,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to rehabilitation therapy.

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