SVSU Melvin J. Zahnow Library


Zahnow Library, similar to many higher educational libraries today, is seeking the balance of student and faculty research between traditional book resources and digital information. In addition these libraries are evolving to include more resources for students such as Centers for Academic Achievement, technology assistance, active learning, and multi-functional presentation and collaboration spaces, putting these functions for the students front and center. By providing the students with easy access to information, space for individual or group study, and the technology to effectively perform these tasks, the library is becoming a center for knowledge exchange between students, faculty and staff. The new design for Zahnow Library embraces these design ideas.

In addition to the library, the renovations include updating the existing Albers E’s dining area and incorporation of a new food service vendor into the venue. The dining room upgrades include multiple seating options with added electrical power support intended not only to update the look and feel of the space, but also encourage use of the space during hours when the food service vendors are not open. Connecting all the spaces together with a large student centered “Main Street” was the key to making this a central hub on campus. Major elements of Main Street are areas designed for interaction that focus on student and faculty communication through idea development and team building. This new library environment now becomes a prime gathering point with a myriad of interaction options for the SVSU population.

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