• Harbor Springs Museum

    Harbor Springs Museum

    The former Harbor Springs City Hall was constructed in 1886 to serve as the Emmet County Seat. Exterior restoration included…

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  • Michigan State Capitol

    Michigan State Capitol

    Serving as the Implementing Architect for restoration of the Michigan State Capitol, our architectural staff provided designs for the House…

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  • Hoyt Library

    Hoyt Library

    Historic Hoyt Library located in Saginaw, Michigan, was rehabilitated in a way that carefully preserved the original architecture of the…

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  • Onaway Courthouse

    Onaway Courthouse

    The Onaway Courthouse, also known as the Presque Isle County Courthouse, was built in 1903. It was designed to serve…

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  • Standish Depot

    Standish Depot

    Exterior and interior restoration of a 1905 Grand Trunk Railway Station. The project was completed in 2007 with funding, in…

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