From Malawi in Africa to Saginaw, MI!

In 2013, one of our Intern Architects Dennis Knoff, chose to embark on a life-changing adventure. The Peace Corps is known for sending their volunteers out in an effort to create sustainable change in the global environment. Dennis embraced this wonderful opportunity as a chance to make a difference and did just that!

Dennis lived in Mlare village located in a northern district call Karonga near Lake Malawi. There he worked with several different village savings and loans groups to help the local community start businesses and teach them to increase their profits and be self-sustaining. Dennis was able to assist with setting up a bakery, processing moringa, Dennis_600producing wine and juice, and making fertilizer out of composted materials to aid in farming. He also assisted the villagers with making tree nurseries and planting trees to help fight against deforestation which is a huge problem in the area.

Dennis was also able to travel during his time in Malawi visiting Mt. Mulanje the tallest mountain in the region at 9,000 feet, and a lake that is home to the largest number of fish species in the world.

"I will miss the pace of life the most, which was always much slower and more relaxed, and being able to chat with friends and villagers, and playing with the kids. It's now back to the real world!" ~ Dennis

Dennis_Malawi_1We are excited that the "real world" included us and that DennisDennis_600_2 has chosen to continue on his career path here at WTA Architects.


Dennis is a graduate from the University of Michigan, Taubman of Architecture + Urban Planning and a resident of Midland, MI.

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