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Bavarian Inn Restaurant

Client | Bavarian Inn of Frankenmuth, Michigan

Completion Date | 2015

New Indoor Storage | 770 s.f.

Indoor Bar Renovations | 1,950 s.f.

New Outdoor Rooftop Bar &
Dining Area
| 1,170 s.f.


Frankenmuth's Bavarian Inn Restaurant is known statewide for its longstanding tradition of offering a unique family dining experience. In the late 1990s, a decision was made to both expand the retail operations and to upgrade and improve the "front door" image as perceived by the entering customer.

WTA Architects was challenged to create new retail spaces out of vacated basement areas previously used for maintenance, laundry, and storage purposes. Unique architectural, structural and mechanical challenges were overcome by careful design and intensive coordination of all architectural and engineering disciplines. The heart of the new retail center was carefully inserted into the original portion of the turn-of-the-century building. Our designers renovated and expanded production capabilities to meet increasing food service demands, while at the same time addressed outdated boilers, cooling equipment, and the primary electrical service.

With facilities that have served up to 5,974 guests in one day, the Bavarian Inn Restaurant continues to expand and update its facilities. WTA Architects has designed additional spaces for the Bavarian Inn Restaurant including:

  • Michigan on Main Bar and Grill renovations

  • Family Crest Room expansion and renovation of the 375 guest banquet room

  • The new Tiny’s Room with a dining capacity of 38 guests

  • The new Swiss Rooms with a dining capacity of 186 guests

  • Prep Kitchen

  • Renovation of the Production Kitchen

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