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Crystal Tocco


Crystal is a dedicated and agile architectural professional, bringing a wealth of experience to WTA since 2007. Throughout her impressive tenure, Crystal has worked within every stage of a project, showcasing her dedication to the craft. However, she truly excels is in the art of architectural drafting. Her ever-growing skills in this realm are evident in every project she takes on.

What truly sets Crystal apart is her tactical and practical approach to every challenge. She doesn’t shy away from getting her hands dirty and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job gets done. Whether it’s assisting with field work, attending crucial meetings, or providing support to the rest of the architectural staff, Crystal is steadfast, reliable, and always ready to help.

Her collaborative nature allows her to seamlessly integrate into any team at any project phase, from inception to completion. She can jump in to get a project off the ground, ensure the timely completion of construction documents, or meticulously punch a project out at the end. Crystal’s commitment to excellence and her dependable “can-do” attitude earns her the respect of colleagues and clients alike.

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