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Historical Photo of 8 WTA Architects, including two of our founding members
First WTA office building, image is black and white and depicts a triangular building
Secod WTA office building, mid-century modern ranch style
Third WTA office building. a historic brick home, surrounded by spring flowers
Current WTA office building at Jefferson One Downtown Saginaw, building is full-cement facade that looks near to brutalist architecture

WTA Through the Decades

From our beginning...

Our firm was founded in 1947 by Frederick E. Wigen. Leslie D. Tincknell joined the firm in 1958 and WTA became a Michigan Corporation in 1963.

Current partners of WTA Architects are:

  • Paul A. Haselhuhn, AIA

  • Kenneth C. Lemiesz, AIA

  • Jason R. Goff, AIA today

Our projects are diversified in size, use, and style of architecture. Our expertise can be found in designs for commercial, education, government, healthcare, housing, libraries, recreation, religion, and more. 

Each and every project designed by WTA is highly important to our staff. We strive to create spaces that offer users an unparalleled design that is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

We offer sustainable design/green architecture with staff members attaining LEED Accredited Professional status by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Since the founding of our firm, we have been members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Each generation has been actively involved in membership and leadership at the local, state, and national levels.

WTA is a member of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network, with staff members qualified as Preservation Specialists in the state of Michigan. They possess national 36 CFR 61 Designations in Historic Preservation as outlined by the United States Department of the Interior Guidelines for Historic Preservation.

Our legacy is proof of our commitment to quality designs for future generations.

Through the decades, quality architectural designs have resulted in buildings that keep the past alive and provide for the future of our communities as our LEGACY continues.

Scroll to view some of our projects through the years...
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