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Ky-Lee Marth


Introducing Ky-Lee, a dynamic addition to our architectural staff. She is on an exciting journey of exploration within the realm of architecture. She's a talented professional with a profound interest in sustainability, residential design, drafting and modeling, and higher education. As she continues to evolve in her architectural career, Ky-Lee brings to the table an impressive level of digital and technical proficiency, perfectly aligned with the demands of today's digital age of architecture.


At WTA Architects, Ky-Lee thrives on the diversity of projects, from government/state initiatives to educational undertakings, industrial challenges, and healthcare innovations. Her versatility shines as she enthusiastically engages with an array of architectural endeavors, embracing each new project as an opportunity to grow and learn.


Ky-Lee's dedication to mastering the technical aspects of architecture, coupled with her open-mindedness and passion for design, make her an invaluable addition to our team. As she seeks to carve out her special niche in the architectural world, we're excited to have her on board, contributing her skills and enthusiasm to our projects.

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