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Deedra Richmond


Deedra is a highly experienced and passionate interior designer with a remarkable 25-year journey in creating spaces that inspire and enrich the lives of occupants. Her expertise extends from crafting unique design concepts for stand-alone interior projects to seamlessly collaborating with the
WTA team and consultants to integrate interior elements into whole building designs. Deedra’s dedication to excellence shines through every phase of the interior design process, from programming to construction documents, bidding, and contract administration, ensuring that her vision for custom casework, furnishings, signage, finishes, and lighting comes to life.

Since joining
WTA in 2001, Deedra has been a driving force in creating dynamic and sustainable interior spaces that promote learning, healing, and productivity. Her deep understanding of design principles and keen eye for detail result in spaces that captivate aesthetically and foster a sense of well-being and flexible, efficient functionality.

As a certified NCIDQ professional and LEED-AP, Deedra is at the forefront of her industry and leader in sustainable practices. Her commitment to environmentally conscious design further enhances the value she brings to each project. Whether it’s an educational institution, a healthcare facility, or a corporate office, Deedra’s work leaves a lasting impact on the lives of those who inhabit these spaces.

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