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Megan Thomas 
Megan is an exceptional interior designer who joined WTA in 2021. She brought two decades of previous experience with her to the firm. With a unique blend of technical skill and compassion, Megan has an innate ability to sense what a space needs and understand precisely what the client wants. Her designs go beyond aesthetics and functionality; they reflect a deep understanding of the occupants’ desires and create spaces that intuitively resonate with their needs.

Megan excels in the development of harmonious interior architectural designs, space planning, and furnishings. Her conscientiously crafted designs are carefully tailored to meet all the requirements intended for the use of each building, ensuring that every space serves its purpose flawlessly.

Megan’s extensive experience, coupled with her NCIDQ and LEED-AP certifications, makes her an invaluable asset to our team at WTA. Her ability to infuse spaces with meaning and purpose, while thoughtfully connecting with clients, sets her apart as a truly remarkable interior designer.

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